Teaching Sustainability

Fishing sustainability is critical for ensuring the long-term health and survival of our oceans and the many communities that rely on them. At its core, sustainable fishing means using practices that allow fish populations to replenish themselves naturally, without causing irreversible harm to the environment. The GA fishermen adopted the idea and amended their fishing methods.

We Sanitized our beaches

We mobilized like-minded people and took the Akropon beach to clean every last trash we could find. The initiative was in and of itself fun as we not only picked up trash but played songs that kept our energies afloat as we spoke to the beach occupants on the cautious actions they can take to maintain the sanity of the beach.

Reading Programs for the youth

With the help of visionary Ghanaians, we were able to build a proficiency literacy program for both kids in and out of school. Hearing the kids eloquently read and express themselves brought us immense joy, so much so that we plan on taking the bold move to expand the program to 2 more cities.

Beekeeping Project

OMAECA in partnership with the Nkawie Business Resource Centre of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the Ashanti Region was part of the organization and implementation of the BEEKEEPING Project for job creation and enhance livelihoods in 2021. The project began with an initial meeting with BRC management in the OMAECA office in Accra. Following that meeting, the trainers from OMAICA engaged about 65 cocoa farmers and youth who were taken through the beekeeping training, and subsequent arrangements were made for them to acquire the hives to start the beekeeping project on October 2, 2021. Objectives: Empowerment of the rural community. Increase the GDP of the constituency. Creation of self-employment. Reduction in unemployment Reduction in rural-urban migration Causean rural-urban increase in general agriculture yields through pollination. Impact and WaForwardrd: After two years of training, it is worth noting that many participants have fully embraced the beekeeping idea and are producing large volumes of honey and bee wax to support themselves financially. Tensureofhe e sustainability of the project, OMAECA is putting in place the following arrangements: To assist in the distribution channel of the honey by being Off-takers to lift the products directly from the farms. Ensure international Certification for the farmers. Train the farmer to grow coconut trees in cocoa plantations. Assist in recycling and finding an alternative use for the byproducts of the farm.

Empowering Ghanaian entrepreneurs

We know how challenging it is for SMEs in Ghana to thrive, so we created the CKI program (Capital, knowledge, and Internet Possibilities). We incubated 2 Businesses Started by incredibly passionate and hard-working Ghanaians and in 6 months they 10XED their Growth in 8 Months. Today they are all voluntary giving back to the program to help other entrepreneurs just like them.