About Us

Oecologica Mercatura Aequitas Ecconomica Commercium Aequitas (OMAECA) Ghana is incorporated in Ghana as a Limited by Guarantee in 2018. The founder Is Henri De Feutcha with its headquarters in Monaco established in 2009.

OMAECA was formed in response to the fight against unfair trade, poverty, climate change, and environmental threats leading to the disappearance of endemic species of flora and fauna; through creating a culture of fair purchase prices for raw materials and the training of farmers by adopting responsible attitudes to protect the environment.

With sustainability and equitability as key values of the organization, OMAECA has the objective of augmenting the Government’s effort in the development of quality livelihood and empowerment of communities towards local wealth creation. Ecotourism, Forestry, and Pharmacopoeia are key subjects of interest to us in generating income for forest dwellers.

We will also ensure the promotion of organic agriculture, which takes care of the protection of the environment by stimulating farmers’ training on green manure, forestry conservation, fish farming, and afforestation.

We plan to collaborate with other organizations for better planetary coverage and global action by employing local populations and relying on local groups and other volunteers.